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A dedicated computer room creates a huge benefit, even for a small server room with little equipment. Small servers can cause terrible noise and can make even a large room’s temperature to greatly rise. There are also serious security concerns that must be considered if your servers share the room with other people or if they’re easily accessible to people just walking by in the hallway.

A large server setup, on the other hand, will quickly surpass tolerable and/or regulatory noise levels (which can be varied in each state or country). The heat reducing demands will also be significantly higher. Standard air conditioning cannot handle such high demands. Plus there will be waste heat from computer room ac. The only option is to allow for a dedicated computer or server room with specialized air conditioning that will cater to your specified ideal server room temperature. If you’re unsure about what would work best for you, check into server room air conditioning companies. A dedicated area will also make limiting personnel access much easier to handle. It’s probably a good idea to implement electronic badge or card access, and maintain a log of who has entered or exited the room.

In addition to the server itself, generally a dedicated computer room will also contain disks, back-up devices, cables, and, most likely, spare disks, peripheral cards, blades, fans, and other vital equipment. You will probably be able to provide server administration remotely, but a local console in the server room is also crucial, which will allow personnel to perform functions like maintenance and administration locally.

Environmental Issues to Consider during Computer Room Design

In addition to storing the equipment in your computer room, you will also need enough room to move and rearrange it as needed. Part of this includes changes in air conditioning and electrical power. You’re also going to need enough room to store backup replacement devices such as peripheral cards, fans, disks, and backup tapes.

If you’re not careful when estimating your current and future demands, you may be forced to move your servers to a new room or location, which will cause a major disruption in your company’s services. You’ll also end up with huge direct and indirect costs. Your direct costs might include obtaining, building, and provisioning a new computer room or even an entirely new building. Indirect costs may and probably will arise, for example, when a lack of storage causes an inability to work efficiently and properly and respond effectively to competitors.

Do not store any of your backups in the server room. If there is a computer room fire, it could, and probably will, damage or destroy both the hardware and the backups. Ideally your backups should be stored offsite at a secure location. It may cost, but it’s worth it.

Ensure that your power supply is large enough to meet today’s demands as well as the demands of the future. Don’t be frugal when it comes to your server room. Also make sure you install enough lighting and electrical outlets.

If you will do all of the above correctly the first time, ensuring a correct computer room layout,  it will make futre maintenance and enhancements that much simpler, not to mention cheaper.

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