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We provide Automatic Fire Extinguishing System using FM-200 System. FM-200 is used widely in fire suppression systems in Data Center & Server Rooms and in protection of many flammable electric, liquids and gases. FM-200 falls in the category of Clean Agents and is governed by NFPA 2001 - Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems.

The FM-200 fire suppression agent was the first non-ozone depleting replacement for Halon 1301. In addition, FM-200 leaves no residue on valuable equipment after discharge.

FM-200 contains no chlorine or bromine atoms, presenting no ozone depletion effect. Its atmospheric lifetime is approximated between 31 and 42 years. It leaves no residue or oily deposits and can be removed by ventilation of the affected space.

As an aerosol propellant, FM-200 is used in pharmaceutical metered dose inhalers such as those used for dispensing asthma medication. So, it is completely safe for the Human Beings.



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