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Imagine Technology is an organization dealing with various Information & Communication Technology (ICT) products as well as Power products within & outside of Nepal. Imagine Tech. has been playing major role in spreading the technological importance & assurance in Nepal. We have partnered with international brands to assure the products standard in Nepal. We have been providing the products & technological information for various organizations ranging from SMB to enterprises level.

Incorporated in 2008, Imagine Tech. has grown to become one of the most competent organizations in the technology service arena. We serve a variety of market sectors and industries with offering the range from IT infrastructure design to project management of complex IT initiatives, from communications to power, from enterprise level software to web solutions.

We believe in adding values to our customers' business by understanding their business domain & their business needs. We are known for our dedication & commitment beyond contract. We suggest many business process improvement ares to our clients. We constantly work on identifying your business needs and developing innovative solutions that address them completely. We further secure your business by constantly updating you on the latest trends of the digital economy.

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